If there's anything to be learned from the mistakes of modern medicine, it's that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't work. Everyone has an individual genetic makeup with individual health needs that are affected by a huge variety of factors including genes, relationships, environment, career, mental health, etc. Expecting to find the right treatment for a health problem based on what's worked for others leads to a treasure hunt–like search using trial and error with more error than not. Fortunately, there are better solutions, and health coaching is one of them.

What Is A Health Coach? 

Health coaches are health professionals that work hand-in-hand with patients and doctors to create a personalized plan for patients suffering from chronic illnesses to help improve their health. Many Americans suffer from chronic disease, it seems obvious that Americans need better solutions. Health coaches can take the time to address all the factors that affect a person's health through regular appointments so everything is considered, not just what comes up in a twenty-minute doctor's visit.

Addressing Behaviors

Instead of attempting a roulette wheel of medication just to treat symptoms, a health coach can help a patient address the real problems and the behaviors that are leading to problems so that these behaviors can be changed. The CDC has identified five behaviors that can help people avoid chronic illnesses: proper sleep, limited to zero alcohol intake, never smoking, regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy body weight. But despite this, few Americans participate in all five disease-preventing behaviors. A health coach will address the ways in which changing behaviors can improve an individual's health.

Creating a Plan

A health coach works with a patient to create a customized personal plan for addressing problematic behaviors and implementing treatments. This is so important. It's easy for a doctor to tell you to get more sleep, but if your career requires an erratic schedule, it's hard to figure out how to make that work for you in a real way. A health coach utilizes a person's health history as well as their needs and requirements as an individual to make a plan that's just for them.

Regular Contact

Once problems are addressed and the patient and coach have come up with a plan, the next vital step is regular contact so the coach can check-in and figure out if the plan is working. The schedule can be based on whatever works for a person's health needs, whether that's every two weeks or every six months.

Take charge of your health by contacting a health coach.