Are you thinking about letting your whole family get a flu shot this year? If you are, then you will probably have a lot of questions about how it all works. The fact is that flu shots are an effective way to ensure that the most vulnerable people in your family are kept safe when flu season arrives. Here is a look at everything you need to know.

Try to Get It Early

The entire family should try to get their flu shot early. Flu season runs from September to March every year. If you have children in your family that have never gotten a flu shot before, they may need two doses. This is usually the case if your child is under nine years old. This means the sooner they get their first shot, the better.

Eggs and the Flu Shot

You may be wondering what eggs and the flu shot have in common. The fact is that some flu vaccines are made from eggs. This means that traces of egg proteins can be found in them. If you or any of your family members are allergic to eggs, there is a chance that you may be allergic to the flu shot. If you have an egg allergy, then you will need to have allergy medications readily available should there be an adverse reaction to the flu shot. The good news is that there are vaccines available for adults that do not contain egg protein. An egg allergy is not a good reason to postpone getting the flu shot. If you are ill, it is recommended that you delay the flu shot until you feel better.

You Won't Get the Flu

One reason some members of your family may not want to get the flu shot is that they may be concerned that they will get the flu from the vaccine. The good news is that you cannot get the flu from taking the flu shot. This is because the virus in the vaccine has been inactivated. This is not to say that there may not be side effects. The most common ones are fever and pain at the site of the injection.

Getting the flu shot is a good way to keep your family safe when flu season arrives. However, there are pros and cons to getting the vaccine. Before taking the vaccine, weigh all the risks and benefits carefully so that you can make the right choice.

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