Visiting a cannabis dispensary can be an incredible experience. It's so rewarding to be in a place where this beneficial plant is not only permitted, but celebrated. However, dispensaries are not always quite what people would expect based on what they've seen in movies or read about in books. If you're the type of person who likes to know what to expect, then keep reading. Here are some things that sometimes catch people off guard when they visit a marijuana dispensary for the first time.

Lots of security.

Dispensaries have a sought-after product, and many are cash businesses. On top of that, they can only allow people who are old enough to purchase cannabis inside. As such, it only makes sense that these businesses would invest in a significant amount of security. There will likely be cameras, and you'll be asked for your ID a few times. Don't let this worry you; the security is there for everyone's safety.

Enclosed product.

People sometimes expect the cannabis to be laid out, on display, inside the dispensary. But in many dispensaries, the product is all enclosed and pre-packaged. Some states require the product to be sold in this way, and some dispensaries simply choose to enclose their product because it keeps it fresher. Just because the cannabis is not all out on display does not mean you can't ask to see it. A budtender should be happy to show you the cannabis and let you smell it before you choose to purchase it.

Purchase limits.

If you get to the counter with all your products in hand and are told you have to put something back, this is not because the dispensary doesn't want to sell to you. It's because most states have regulations as to how much cannabis they can sell you at once. Most dispensaries will have these limits posted on signs. If you don't see them posted, feel free to ask about them.

A variety of products.

Yes, there will be a lot of traditional cannabis flower for sale at most dispensaries. But don't be surprised by the number of other products also being sold there. You'll see edibles, vape products, topical THC and CBD products, and more. Be ready to expand your horizons!

Dispensaries are not always what people expect, but they are so much fun to visit, nonetheless. Armed with this information, you should be less caught off-guard by the things you find.