When you work in a hospital, assisted living, or doctor's office environment, your medical scrubs are generally chosen for you in some way. This means the color and style of the scrub is often chosen by the administration. When you work in home health care, you have the ability to choose your own scrubs in most cases. This is especially true if you are doing private, in-home caregiving. If you were trying to figure out what medical scrubs would be best for your home caregiving positions, here are a few tips to finding the right ones.


You may not think the color is important when choosing medical scrubs for in-home caregiving. When you're at a hospital or similar environment, the color of your scrubs designates the level of nursing training you have. For example, a registered nurse may wear a solid white scrub while other nurses wear navy blue or similar colors. In home caregiving this is not the case. Instead, choose scrubs with solid colors that do not have many patterns on them. Patterns and bright colors can tend to hurt elderly patients' eyes and may be distracting to them.


The size of your scrubs may change slightly when you move from a hospital environment to a home care environment. Remember that with a home caregiving environment and home health environment, you are doing more movements on your own without the help of a partner. This means that you need more room to move in your scrubs. For that reason, you should consider choosing a scrub set that is a half a size to a size bigger than what you would normally wear. This will give you room to move and will allow you to be more comfortable throughout your day.


You should also consider accessories when you are looking for medical scrubs for home caregiving. Some of the accessories you need to consider are gait belts for moving your patient. You should also consider back braces that you may have to wear or any additional accessories that are part of your medical job. For example, you may have to do frequent blood pressure checks, which means that you will need to have your stethoscope with you. Make sure that your scrubs are conducive to working with these accessories and not getting in the way.

Medical scrubs can be purchased online or through a local scrub shop. If you are uncertain which scrubs may be best for your home health caregiving positions, discuss the options available with the store clerk. They will be able to help you with the more popular designs that other home health caregivers are using.