Whether you are looking for a new doctor, or are in need of immediate, non-emergency care, or on vacation and get sick, there are many reasons why you might go to a medical clinic. Going to a new medical clinic can be overwhelming for some people, but it doesn't have to be. Below are five simple things you can do to make your first appointment at a medical clinic easier for you and your doctor. 

Make Sure the Clinic Offers the Care You Need

Medical clinics vary greatly in the services they offer. Some only offer primary care while others offer primary care and after hours urgent care. Some clinics also offer specialty care for specific medical issues including surgical care or more complicated treatment. Before booking an appointment, check out the clinic's website to make sure they offer the kind of care you need for your current issue.  

Make an Appointment 

Some clinics will accept walk-in patients. However, even if a clinic accepts walk-ins, it will usually be quicker and easier for you to be seen if you make an appointment beforehand. Most clinics have online booking systems. If the clinic does not have online booking or if you need to be seen as soon as possible, it is a good idea to call ahead and make sure the clinic has staff available to see you. 

Fill Out Paperwork Ahead of Time

Many clinics offer downloads of their intake paperwork. Printing this and filling it at home will save you time at the clinic and can also be less stressful for some people. At home, you will have easy access to your medical history and can call and ask questions of family members if you need to. 

Check Your Insurance Coverage

While many medical clinics accept a wide range of insurance, some are more selective. It is important you check which insurance the clinic accepts before you go. additionally, you should see if the clinic will bill primary and secondary insurers if you have secondary insurance, or if you will have to submit your insurance paperwork on your own. 

Bring Identification 

Finally, you should make sure you bring a valid form of identification when you go to the clinic. Identification will make the intake process easier and faster. 

Going to a new medical clinic can be easy. However, if you do these simple things before you go, you can make sure your first appointment goes quickly and smoothly.