If your teenager has a drug problem, it's something you need to nip in the bud now. This can follow them into adulthood and throughout their lives. Your teenager could end up living a hard life going down the wrong path. If he can't deal with these issues now, the issues he faces are just going to get that much harder, and his drug problem may eventually worsen. If you think your teenager has a problem, an outpatient program may be the right path. See below for signs of drug usage in teens, and what you can expect with an outpatient drug program.

Signs Of A Drug Problem

Your sullen teenager may be more than just going through regular teenage woes you may have experienced. Your teenager may be battling a few other things and has been handling them with the use of drugs or alcohol. Some teens will turn to drug or alcohol usage, or turn to the wrong type of friends in order to feel included with a group. If your teen has suddenly started hanging around a group of friends you've never heard of before and is behaving differently, try to get to know some of these so-called friends. Other signs include distancing themselves from old friends, no longer interested in things such as sports he was once interested in, hiding away in his room, unexplained illnesses, mood swings, and a change in appearance or hygiene. 

What To Expect With An Outpatient Drug Program

An outpatient drug program allows your child the freedom to go home every day, to continue on with school and their studies, in addition to having home time with family. It enables your child to feel freer, while still offering the same things an in-patient program would offer, such as counseling one-on-one and group sessions as well. It will help your child see that he isn't the only one with this type of issue and that there are pears of his that are experiencing the same feelings and situations he is in as well. An outpatient program can help your child see why he turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place and tackle that issue as well, in addition to finding new ways of dealing with stress, anger, loneliness, depression and other feelings the appropriate way, rather than with drugs and alcohol.

If you suspect your teenager has a drug or alcohol problem, call a teen outpatient drug center today like Bridgeway Recovery Services Inc to discuss your child and what you can do to help.