Coolsculpting is an increasingly popular means of removing unwanted pockets of fat from the thighs, abdomen, or even the chin. One of the nice things about the procedure is that there are no incisions, and there is no overt pain. However, Coolsculpting can be a bit uncomfortable. The cooling effect can cause you to feel chilly during the procedure, and after the procedure, you might feel some aches and stiffness as your body's fat cells dump their fat. Here are some tips to keep you comfortable during and after Coolsculpting.

1. Wear warm clothes

Even if it is the middle of summer, make sure you have some warm clothing to put on during Coolsculpting. Wear long pants, and bring a jacket or sweater you can throw on. While the treatment area will need to be exposed for treatment, you can keep clothing on the rest of your body, and doing so will keep you from feeling too chilled.

2. Massage the treatment area afterward

Some doctors have begun to do this for their patients. If yours does not, ask whether it is okay for you to perform a self-massage on the treatment area when the treatment is complete. Doing so will help soothe the tissues that have been treated, and it will encourage the fat cells to shed their fat more rapidly, which can help aches clear up faster. You don't have to use any complicated massage techniques. Just rub in circles, and then back and forth over the treated area.

3. Take a warm bath

Another idea is to take a warm bath as soon as you get home from Coolsculpting. This will help the fat flow out of your fat cells. It will also alleviate any muscle tension that may be making your post-procedure soreness worse. You can toss a handful of Epsom salts into the bath for even more relief if you desire.

4. Stay active

If your body aches, you may be tempted to just sit on the couch and relax all day. But really, you should stay active. Go for a walk around the block, do some gardening, or even catch up on your cleaning. Moving around keeps your muscles loose and encourages those fat cells to dump their fat.

If your discomfort after Coolsculpting becomes too intense, contact your doctor. It's rare for patients to have anything more than mild aching and stiffness, so this could be a sign something more sinister is wrong.

To learn more about the Coolsculpting procedure, reach out to a medical health professional near you.