Compounding pharmacies are those that are able to take multiple drugs and compound them together for specific patients. There are a variety of times in which you should use compounded drugs, and therefore pharmacies that are able to make them. This includes when you have allergies, when you need the drug in a different format, and when the drug should be specially flavored.


There are many times that you can find a drug that does not have an ingredient that you are allergic to that works just as well. Sometimes, this isn't an option, and you need the ingredient that you are allergic to removed from a drug. In these cases, you can ask your doctor to instruct the pharmacy to compound the drug into a form that does not have that ingredient. This can be done for ingredients such as lactose, gluten, or certain dyes. Sometimes the pharmacist can combine that ingredient with an antihistamine instead, in case that ingredient is needed for other reasons.

Changing The Form Of the Medication

Another great reason to find a pharmacy that does compounding is if you need the medication in a unique or non-conventional form due to other health concerns. For example, many drugs can come in different formats than just pills and syrups. For example, compounding pharmacies may be able to transfer the dose into topical applications or nasal sprays, among other formats. This can be beneficial for those who have trouble swallowing pills or who can't handle an ingredient when ingested but do fine with topical gels. Plus, some medications may work better in different formats just because of the way your body handles the medication.


Finally, one lesser-known benefit of compounding pharmacies is that they can frequently combine the drug with flavorings that allow the drug to taste better. A wide variety of drugs have a salty, bitter, or otherwise unsavory taste that can make taking medication a hassle on a regular basis. This is especially useful for children, who may put up a fight because they typically have a higher preference for sweet foods than adults. This can also be done with medication for animals.

There are many reasons not listed here that may influence you to find a pharmacy or pharmacist that can handle combining or compounding medications to suit your needs. If you are allergic to inactive ingredients, need the medication in a special dose, or need the medication in better flavors, then compounding pharmacies are right for you.

To learn more, contact a compounding pharmacy.