Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think. If you're suffering from this condition, you are not alone — but you may not know as much as you should. In particular, there are several myths that commonly get tossed around about erectile dysfunction. Learn what they are (and also learn the truth) as you keep reading this article.

Myth: Younger men can't get erectile dysfunction.

It is true that ED becomes more common as men age. However, it can and does appear in younger men, too. If you consider yourself younger and have trouble getting an erection, this is definitely something to tell your doctor about as it could be an indication of an underlying heart ailment or trouble regulating your blood sugar. If you are diagnosed and make changes now, your health will benefit in the long run.

Myth: ED is caused by wearing tight shorts or underwear.

Many men switch to looser boxers once they start noticing ED symptoms in hopes that the looser shorts will bring an end to their symptoms. But this rarely works. Tight pants can interfere with sperm production because they hold the testes too close to the body, raising the temperature beyond that where sperm can thrive. However, tight pants do not contribute to ED. Wear whatever type of underwear feels comfortable unless you are trying to conceive.

Myth: ED means you need prescription medications.

Medications to treat erectile dysfunction have become quite well-known. They can be quite effective. However, not all men need these medications, and there are many more natural options to explore before you start taking drugs. Many men have an easier time maintaining an erection once they lose weight, switch to a healthier diet, get more exercise, and get more sleep. Your doctor can guide you in making these changes. If you don't see an improvement within a few months, then medications may be needed.

Myth: It's normal to develop ED as you age.

If you are an older man with ED, you might just assume this is par for the course and a natural effect of aging. But this is not really the case. ED should not be ignored, even if you are older. As mentioned above, it can be a sign of underlying health conditions, and there is so much you can do for it — at any age.

Now you know a little more about ED. Talk to your doctor for more information about erectile dysfunction.