Nobody wants to see their child ill, no matter how old they get. It is going to happen with your child, especially if your child is school-aged, as there are an abundance of germs going around in schools. To help prevent your child from getting ill, or at least to help lessen the symptoms of the cold and flu, there are a few things you can do that may help. Read on for tips to boost your child's immunity and prevent illness.

1. Get The Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is not going to prevent your child from getting the flu, but it can lessen the symptoms if your child does actually get sick with the flu. Vaccinations are available at your pediatrician's office and you can get it before the start of flu season each year. The flu vaccine is administered with a needle and usually given in the upper thigh or in the arm. You as parents should also get this vaccine to lessen your symptoms as well.

2. Wash Hands

Teach your child to wash their hands properly and to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, washing the tips of their fingers and the tops of their hands, all the way up to their wrists. Your child should wash their hands after going to the bathroom, after coming home from school, or after arriving home from being out in public. Your child should also wash their hands before eating every meal/snack.

3. Keep Hands Off Of Face

You need to teach your child to keep their hands off of their face and out of their mouths. This is the biggest way that germs are spread and illness occurs, especially in younger children. Have your child keep their hands off and away from their face and mouth, especially if their hands are unwashed.

4. Wash Lunchbox And Backpacks

Wash your child's school things often such as lunch boxes and backpacks. Wipe them down with a bleach wipe if you aren't able to wash them with soap and water, or can't put them into the washing machine. Also wash your child's coat, and hat and gloves, which can contain a lot of germs.

5. Eat A Healthy Diet

Providing your child with a proper diet can help boost immunity and give your child the nutrients they need in order to help fight off germs and infections. Your child's diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals, which should include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein and low-fat dairy. Your child should also be drinking water each and every day, in addition to drinking milk to build strong bones - skip out on sugary drinks such as juice, which hold almost no nutritional value. 

Prevent illness in your child, or at least give your child a boost to their immunity by using the tips above. Talk to a pediatrician, like Dr Baynham, about other helpful tips to fight off the cold and flu.