If you have recently found out that you are diabetic, you should focus on taking better care of your feet. Diabetics have a greater risk of infections that can lead to serious health issues and medical emergencies. When you take the right steps, you can avoid problems while keeping your feet comfortable and healthy.

Visit the Foot Doctor to Have Your Toenails Trimmed

When your toenails need trimming, you should avoid doing it yourself due to the risk of accidentally cutting yourself. As a diabetic, you likely already know that it can take a long time for any wounds to heal, even if they are on the smaller side. You would not want to get a cut that could potentially get infected and cause you to suffer from severe pain. The foot doctor does not mind trimming the toenails for you. Consider Making an appointment to have it done on a routine basis.

Change Your Socks Frequently When Active

You want to keep your socks from becoming too moist because that excess moisture can quickly lead to a fungal infection that becomes even more problematic for you as a diabetic. If you are active, change your socks quite often. If you go out for a jog, take your socks off when you get in, rinse your feet with soap and warm water, and then apply a new pair of socks to your feet. Avoid sitting in wet socks for too long because of the risk of infection.

Wear Comfortable, Padded Socks All the Time

Instead of wearing thin socks that do not offer much support at all, purchase comfortable socks that offer more support than the average pair of socks. There are special socks made for those with diabetes. These socks are seamless, constricting, and composed of breathable materials that will leave your feet feeling good.

Purchase Protective and Supportive Footwear

Invest in your feet by purchasing protective and supportive footwear that will keep them in good condition. Non-diabetic shoes typically do not provide the same level of support that you need to have for your feet. Look for shoes that offer arch support, improve circulation, and reduce pain associated with bunions and other foot issues that you might have.

When you are a diabetic, you need to take good care of your feet. If not, you might need to undergo surgical procedures in which you would need to have several toes removed. Follow these tips mentioned above to keep your feet in great shape despite your health condition.

To learn more about diabetic foot care, contact a medical professional in your area.