Are you and your partner getting ready to see a fertility doctor for the first time? Here are a few things you can expect:

A Background Check

One of the first things you can expect your fertility doctor to do when you and your partner meet with them for the first time is to conduct a thorough background check focusing on your reproductive health. They will want to know everything about your medical history to gain a clear understanding of what challenges you have faced and what kinds of health issues, if any, could be contributing to your infertility. They may ask for past medical records as well as information about your diet and exercise habits.

They will expect you to be honest about your smoking and drinking habits too. So sit down with your partner beforehand and make a list of any health conditions and bad lifestyle habits that either of you has or experienced to ensure that nothing important is overlooked when sharing the information with your specialist. And request copies of your medical records from your primary healthcare providers so your fertility doctor will have immediate access to them upon your initial meeting.

Comprehensive Screening

After understanding your medical history and learning about the fertility challenges you are facing, your specialist will complete a comprehensive screening for you and your partner. Checkups, cervical and sperm testing, and even ultrasounds may be included in your screenings depending on the specific challenges you are working to overcome.

You will likely receive results from some of the screening tests you take. But it could take a few days to get the results back for all of the tests you both undergo — so be patient. Your fertility doctor will contact you as soon as they receive any results so you can stay in the loop and start researching what the results mean before your next appointment.

The Planning Process

After all of your test results come back, your fertility specialist will meet with you and your partner again to discuss the results and what they mean for your future as parents. They will let you know what all of your treatment and support options are and recommend the options that would most likely increase your fertility.

After discussing your options and deciding which to implement, your specialist will help you create a plan to undergo treatment and set up a timeline of appointments so you know what to expect going forward. With any luck, you'll be getting ready to become parents in the foreseeable future. For more information, contact local infertility services.