Medical escorts are a service for escorting someone that needs to go from one medical facility to another but does not need an ambulance because they are stable and, in most cases, can sit up during the take-off and landing of the flight. Often, these patients can fly commercially but need to have a trained medical professional with them because there is a risk of a problem while they are en route to the destination.

Flying Commercially

The patient that can fly commercially is one that does not have something contagious and is not under critical care. The medical escort that is with them is a nurse, paramedic, and in rare cases, a physician. The escort will only provide care for the patient if they need it but will be with them for the entire trip. 

Most commercial airlines can provide the space in either business class or first class so that the patient has more space, and the escort can get to them if they need to give some care along the way. More often than not, you will not even know the person flying is under medical care unless there is a problem in flight. The medical escort is not often in a uniform or any special clothing, but the patient may board the aircraft in a wheelchair.

Medical Equipment

The medical escort may have some medical equipment with them that needs to be near them during the flight. This equipment will more than likely look like carrying on bags but may contain oxygen, a heart monitor, CPR equipment, or medication for the patient. The equipment is checked by the airline before it can be allowed on the flight, and it is often stowed in the overhead compartment by the medical escorts seat. 

In most cases, the only time that medical equipment would come out is if there is a medical emergency during the flight, then the medical escort will determine what they need to handle the crisis. 

Escort Responsibility

The escort is there for the patient, so they will handle any issues that come up with them, and while the crew on the aircraft may check on them, they do not have any additional responsibility to the passenger during the flight. The escort stays with the patient through the flight and then during the offloading process at the airport. 

In most cases, the medical escort will stay with the patient to the hospital and turn over care to the physician at the new facility. The escort will give the doctor a report of anything that occurred along the way before then their role is complete. For more information, contact medical flight services.