With so many different substances that are readily available to young kids these days it's no wonder that more and more kids and teenagers are suffering from addiction. If you have a teenager who is suffering from substance abuse addiction, you may feel like your world is crumbling all around you. Addiction is one of the hardest things to help people through even when they are your own child. Although you can't make your child become sober, there are a few different tools that you can offer them with to help them get on the track towards recovery. 

Rehab Program

If your child has never been to an addiction rehab therapy program then now may be the time. The first step to getting your child to go to rehab is making sure they know they have a problem. Then, you want them to want to seek help. If your child doesn't want to get sober, you can still force them to go to a rehabilitation program and just hope that they will change their mindset. During an addiction rehab therapy program, they will go through a variety of physical and emotional therapies to help them deal with every aspect of the addiction. For instance, once they have gone through detox they will need to learn how to cope with stress and depression without relying on a substance to help them feel better. 

Recovery Support

When your child is successfully released from a rehab program, they will need a lot of support to make it through all of the hard times. Make sure that you set up some sort of recovery support system for your child including a sober sponsor, a support group, a good group of friends, and a safe environment for them to flourish. If your child continues to hang around friends that do drugs or drink a lot, they are more likely to fall back into old habits. By surrounding your child with friends and people who also want to live a life of sobriety, they can hopefully stay on a straight and narrow path. 

The tricky thing about drug addiction is that your child may go through rehabilitation programs several times before they actually end up getting sober. Just remember that as a parent, it's not your job to do the recovery for them, but it is your job to be their support system throughout the entire recovery. 

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