Car accidents are scary things, and they can put a parent on high alert when their child is in one. When the child seems to be fine for days and weeks after with no serious injuries, it may be very easy to relax and assume everything is okay. However, some delayed pain may occur when a nerve gets pinched due to the accident. Thankfully, at-home stretches and pain relief may help.

Lower Back Pain May Be Due to Pinched Nerves

Parents of a child who survived a car crash may find that their young one often complains of severe back pain low on their spine. This problem may have something to do with pinched nerves caused by the accident. Problems like these happen when the spine is compressed in such a way that an excess of pressure is put on a single section of the spine. This then results in sporadic pain.

For example, the child may experience pain when they sit down due to the pinched nerve. However, they may notice nothing when they stand up or lie down in a certain way. This type of pain can be maddening and requires professional treatment to fully manage. However, some types of at-home stretching may provide a little relief and make life easier for these struggling individuals.

Stretches May Have Some Benefit

A child with a pinched nerve in their lower back may get some relief if they perform certain types of stretches. Before doing any stretches, it is important to confirm it is okay with the child's doctor. They will check for a pinched nerve, x-ray the back, and come up with a pain management system. Usually, this includes some type of pain medication to help with severe pinches.

However, they may also prescribe stretches to help elongate the back and take some pressure off the pinched nerve. These exercises must be done very carefully to avoid injury and should be done at a pace that suits the injured child. For example, they may have some slight tenderness in some muscles or even strains and sprains that must be properly assessed and worked around to avoid any real complications.

Parents attempting this kind of pain management should work with the child to help them stretch their back properly. Often, the parent can provide a lot of help here by guiding the child in ways that they can't do on their own. This type of help is critical in those situations when a physical therapist can't visit a home regularly and a child needs relief from their back pain.

To learn more, reach out to back pain treatment services.